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Fall Nature Discoveries

One of the most common NH wild animals are
To see more birds in winter, provide a bird ....... with seed in it!
This green color disappears from leaves in the fall
A NH mammal that didn't used to be found here years ago.
Can be used to identify trees when leaves have fallen
A warm-blooded animal that may fly south
Lots of very small animals live under the
Fruit of an oak tree
A tree that bears cones is called a
The place that an animal lives
Often made in trees by woodpeckers
Often found growing on bark
Fallen leaves rot to form...
This plant is an indicator of air quality
Live deep in the soil during winter
A bear's deep sleep in winter is called
Sunlight and this help a tree grow
This outside layer on birds protects them
Tell the age of a tree by counting tree
Make up all living things
A large NH mammal that blends in with trees