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Careers in Health Science

Doctors who take care of patients on a general level-all ages
Provides assistance for veterinarians
Emergency medical technician, cares for sick and injured patients-first responder
Treats and diagnoses patients
A person who uses touch to manipulate the muscles of the body
Assists a home bound patient with day to day tasks
Diagnoses and treats patients with communication disorders,lisps and stutters
Along with mental health counselors -help patients overcome mental disorders
A doctor who diagnoses and treats animals much like a doctor does for humans
Physicians assistant who practices medicine under the superivsion of a physician
Helps patients recover from injuries and disabilities through the use of everyday activities
A nurse who assists anesthesiologists in administering pain and numbing medications
A physician who specializes in children's health
Draws blood for donations, tranfusions, tests and research
Liscensed practical nurse-provide basic nursing care
Transcribes recordings from doctors and other medical professionals
Also called a nutritionist -helps a patient with specialized dietary needs
Help patients who have difficulty breathing
Works in a dental , office, cleaning a patient's teeth during and after a dental procedure
Diagnostic medical sonographer, responsible for operating imaging machines in a hospital, clinic or doctor's office
Diagnose,treat,prevent problems in a patient's mouth
Takes on many tasks physicians are given, diagnosing patients and prescribing medications
Completes adminstrative tasks in a doctor's office
Certified nursing assistant, helps a registered nurse
Performs a variety of tests in a medical lab
Registered nurse, takes care of majority of nursing requirements in hospitals and clinic
Physical Therapist- helps patients recover from illnesses or injuries per suggestion of a physician