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Unit 2 Lessons 2 and 3: Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes

Teacher: Denise Kearney
A change in temperature, _______, and color are also clues that a chemical change has occurred.
A characteristic of a substance that can be observed and measured without changing the identity of the substance is called a ______ property.
A chemical change occurs when one or more substances change into entirely ______ substances with different properties.
At ______ temperatures, chemical reactions happen faster.
The ability for a substance to burn (chemical property).
This type of property is unique to a substance and can be used to identify it.
Production of an _____ is a clue that a chemical change has occurred (ex milk souring).
_______ wood to ash is an example of a chemical change.
Since chemical changes involve changes in the arrangement of particles, they are influenced by __________.
The ability of a substance to dissolve in another substance (physical property)
________ water to make ice is an example of a physical change.
Property that describes a substance's ability to change into a new substance with different properties.
Production of a ____ is a clue that a chemical change has occurred, and we can see this as bubbling or fizzing.
Liquids sometimes combine to form a solid called a ________ during a chemical change.
The ability of a substance to interact with another substance such a water, oxygen, or acid (chemical property).
A substance's ability to be rolled or pounded into various shapes (physical property).
The Law of ________ of Mass states that mass cannot be created or destroyed, but only transform into different substances.
The Law of Conservation of Mass holds true for _______ physical and chemical changes.
A change that affects one or more physical properties is called a physical __________.
_______ a cake is an example of a chemical change.