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Valentine's Day

A piece of paper folded in half that has sentimental words written in it that convey a message to another person.
A chubby baby angel that shoots people with love arrows.
To move one's lips into an upward curve.
Latex spheres filled with helium, usually given as a gift or used as a decoration.
The person that someone likes from afar.
A fictional bug that causes a person to fall in love when they are bitten.
Expressing love or affection.
A name used for a person that someone loves or has deep affection for.
An expensive flower that represents love.
Sweet-smelling plants with beautiful petals that are given as gifts of affection.
A sentiment often written on candies and cards for Valentine's day.
Taking a person out, typically to a restaurant or a movie, to spend time with them.
A sweet treat given to show affection.
The act of pressing one's lips against the lips of another.
The month that Valentine's Day is celebrated in.
A rich, creamy candy made from ground cocoa and milk.
A thing given willingly to another person without expectation of payment.
The way candy tastes, but also a way to act when a person is being kind to another.
To embrace another by wrapping one's arms around the other person.
A person who likes another person.
An intense feeling of affection.
People who share a bond of mutual affection and common interests.
A common shape that represents love.
A color that represents love and is made by mixing red and white.
The color of a heart.