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Thanksgiving Word List

Pilgrims that sailed to America and settled in Colonies.
The ship the Pilgrims sailed to America on.
The crop of vegetables grown in a year.
A large bird; The main course eaten at Thanksgiving feasts!
The quality of being thankful.
Holiday celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday of November.
A word we use to describe tasty food!
Being grateful and appreciating what you have.
A long established custom or belief that is passed down from generation to generation.
Fifth day of the week.
A horn filled with vegetables. A symbol of Thanksgiving.
People who settle in an area.
A large meal.
A sauce served on mashed potatoes.
Part of a plant that is used for food.
The place where the Mayflower landed in America.
Berries used to make a sauce for dressing.
To meet together.
A bread based dish served at some Thanksgiving dinners. You might know it as dressing!