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Science Crossword

Cydney Housman, #7, 6L
There is so much salt in this location you can only float
A natural, nonliving solid with a definite chemical structure
Tectonic plates shift positions causing an _____
Forms from the roof of a cave when minerals, dissolved in water build up
When rivers and streams flood. Sediments are also deposited
Weathering that takes place when water and ice break down rock. It does not change the makeup of rock
The process of breaking down rock into small pieces
In the 1930's soil erosion caused a chain of destructive events known as the _____
Raised flat land
Along quieter, sandy coast lines, wind can blow loose sand into piles, called _____
_______ occurs when there is a lack of precipitaion
The minerals that makeup the rock change because the minerals react with other substances in the enviroment
Solid particles move from one place to another
One of the ways landforms today were created
Forms from the floor of a cave when minerals dissloved in water build up
Created by soil and sediments moved from one location to another
The process of adding sediments to a new area. It can change the shape and direction of a rivers flow
Huge masses of slowly moving ice
A mineral found in the ocean and in caves
Large area of flat land with no trees and only grass