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Vocabulary Prefix Study: TRI- & QUAD-

Teacher: Ms. Haydt's 5th Grade
To cut or divide into four equal parts
A muscle group consisting of four muscles that is located along the front of the thigh
One out of four equal parts of a circle; one section of a four-section coordinate grid
A dinosaur with three horns-two horns above the eyes & one short horn on the nose
A plane figure in geometry that has four sides (including square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, & trapezoid)
Having or involving three sides, countries, or parties
A three-legged stool, table, or stand used to hold things, such as a camera
An animal with four feet
A three-sided figure
To create four times as much or as many of something
Able to speak three different languages
The ability to speak four languages
A collection or group of four; one of four babies born from the same mother at the same time
A a vehicle with three wheels
A group of three people or things
A four-sided enclosure, usually surrounded by buildings
Happening every four years
A race that combines three activities-swimming, bicycling, & running
To cut into three parts
Three related plays or novels