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Body Membrane Vocabulary Quiz

The membrane that makes up the skin.
A simple organ that covers the body and offers protection, temperature regulation, and waterproofing.
The serous and synovial membranes secrete fluid, making them each a _____________.
The system that is made up of the skin and its accessory organs.
The layer of serous membranes that line specific portions of the wall of the ventral body cavity.
The serosa lining the abdominal cavity and covering its organs.
The membrane type that lines all body cavities that open up to the exterior.
__________ tissue membranes are represented by the synovial membranes.
The serosa covering the lungs and separating them from the heart.
The membrane type that lines all body cavities that are closed to the exterior.
The layer of serous membranes which covers the outside of the organs in that cavity.
The membrane that lines the fibrous capsules surrounding joints.
The serosa covering the heard and separating it from the lungs.
The cutaneous membrane secretes keratin to prevent water loss, making it a ____________.
Covering and lining membranes that are made of epithelial and connective tissues.