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(R) A Christmas Carol Crossword

A supplying of needs
Given to guarantee fulfillment of a promise
Not having one’s name known
Repulsive, revolting, horrid
Generous in giving
A restoring of confidence
Morbid, spooky, ghoulish
Caterpillars do this while in their cocoons, before they become butterflies.
The state of being alone
Affluence, opulence, or fortune.
"Oh my gosh! Did you see those zombies ______ from the ground?"
To try
Leftover, excess
Without connection or harmony
Of the earth; not a spirit
To call for or send for with authority or urgency; to order to come or appear
The poor people on the streets were___________.
Abundance, good fortune, health
After the _______, the curtains close.
When you fly into other countries, you need to go to the _________ exchange to buy things.