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Transfer of energy within a material or between materials that are touching
Transfer of energy by fluids
When two plates collide
Outer part of the earth consisting of the upper mantle and crust
The flow that transfers heat within a fluid
Sideways and downward movement of the edge of a plate
proposed plate tectonic theory
Proposed the continental drift theory
Outer layer of the earth between the surface and the mantle
A theory explaining the structure of the earths crust
When two plates divide
The transfer of energy through space and waves
The innermost part of a core
When two plates slide past each other
A former "super continent on the earth
Part of the earth between the core and the crust
The upper layer of earth's mantle below the lithosphere
The formation of new areas of oceanic crust
A movement of the continents across the earths surface
Fluid layer about 2,300 thick