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Guess that Word:Biology Edition!

This is a type of solution that has low solute and high water.
Because the cell membrane lets matter and energy flow in and out of it the cell membrane is considered to be this type of system.
The theory of life that states that life can emerge from non-living matter.
This is when water molecules are attracted to molecules of other substances.
This is an artificially prepared vesicle used to deliver medicine within a body.
The type of specimens that electron microscopes can observe.
This is a type of vascular tissue cell that carries sugar produced by leaves to the rest of the plant.
What Antony van Leeuwenhoek called the organisms he observed.
An advantage of being multicellular is having a ________ size.
A double membrane bound organelle found in both plants and animals.
These are hydrophobic and each one of these has a phosphate molecule attached to it.
The process of water vapour leaving the leaf through the stomata.
This is a type a diffusion specifically for water.
A type of cell that specialize in performing a particular function.
The theory of life that states that life comes from living organisms.
This part of the fluid mosaic model is composed of many parts like carbohydrates, proteins, cholesterol,etc.
Observed that bone cells developed from cartilage cells.
This part of the bilayer carries out chemical reactions and moves substances across the membrane.
These are small openings in the epidermal layer that allows gases and water in and out of the leaf.
This contains a green pigment called chlorophyll.
In a plant the stems and leaves grow towards the light, this means that the stems and leaves are a type of _______ phototropism.