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To Kill A MockingBird Crossword

What did Mayella ask tom to fix?
How did Miss Maudies house get destroyed?
Atticus Finchs Nickname When he grew up?
How many kids does Tom Robinson have?
What is Dill's Middle Name?
What Was Tom Robinson On Trial For?
What did jem say he lost his pants too in a game of?
Bob Ewell's Daughters Name
Name of the "Mad Dog"
What was Tom Robinson's Wifes name?
What Color Is Dills Hair?
Who is the narrator?
Jem Loves the sport
What Tom Robinson Was Found At The Trial?
Who was the mad dog?
Scouts Middle Name?
Scout is not very lady like so shes a ______?
Boo Radleys First Name?
The Cook For The Finch's
What does atticus do for a job?
The Maiden Name Of Atticus's Old Wife?
Boo Radley has _______ Thin Hair?
Last name of Helen and Tom?
Jem wears theese to help him see.
What Happens In This Book Because Of Skin Color?
Who runs away from home?
What does Walter Cunningham pour all over his food?
What is The Sheriffs First Name?
The Lawyer Of Tom Robinson
How Old Was Scout When Her Mother Died?