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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Science First Quarter

The software of life.
This organelle is large in plants and small in animal cells
First form of life to appear on earth
This organelle contains chlorophyll
This organelle is the powerhouse of cell
This organelle makes proteins.
Offspring have two parents
All organisms have these.
Organisms that get energy from other organisms
The horizontal plane that is in focus on microscope
This Protist organism is part plant and animal
An example of this process is, human beings being able to maintain a body temperature of 98.6 degree whatever the outside temperature is.
This Protist moves by using cilia
A tool invented in 1666 to see microorganisms
Jelly like material found inside cells.
The study of microorganisms
It invades living cells and forces them to make copies of themselves
This Kingdom of life have characteristics like fungus,plants or animals
This organelle found only in plants and bacteria
This organelle what goes in and out of cells
Organisms that produce their own food are called...
Offspring arise from single organism
This organelle contains DNA
These organisms live off dead plants and animals
Material used to grow microbes in petri dish