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Severe Weather

A prolonged period of time without rain
Extended period of below average temperature
A channel of partially charged air
Stroms created when an air mass lifts, moving up the side of a mountain
A part of the US that has the most tornadoes.
A body of land locked fresh water
The exchange of positively and negatively charged particles, common in Florida
The sound created by super heated air rapidly expanding
Storms produced by advancing cold front, rarely warm fronts
The action of water moving inland during a tropical strom or hurricane, causes most flooding.
Not a weather related phenomena
How a hurricane is classified
How a tornado is measured by what it "eats"
Large, rotating low-pressure tropical storms
Local storms that are created by thte air masses near and over water
When lightning nears the ground, a channel of positively charged particles rushes upwards to meet the negatively charged particles
Downdrafts in a local area
Extended period of above average temperature
A tall band of strong winds and dense clouds surrounding the center of a hurricane
The center of a hurricane
Water vapor freezing around air borne particles
Self-sustaining, extremely powerful storms
Has a hard shell, which it lives in, reptile
Violent, whirling column of air in contact with the ground