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Weather Test Review

Name: _____________________________
Ocean water condenses into the atmosphere, _______ to form clouds, then falls as precipitation on the city nearby.
Chunks of ice that are repeatedly uplifted
Measure of motion of molecules in the air
_______ can hold more water vapor than cold air creating more humidity during summer months.
In warm weather you will have rain, but in cold weather you will have snow
What 2 systems of Earth work together most often during the water cycle
Where 2 air masses meet
Air mass develops over land near the poles. It is cold and dry
Created when there is an area of low pressure in the center surrounded by high pressure on the outside. Can produce cloudy weather and rain for several days.
Column of air taking on characteristics of surface below.
Air mass forms over the sea near the poles. It is cold and moist
Created when there is an area of high pressure in the center surrounded by low pressure on the outside.
Snow that melts and refreezes
Clouds are formed during the water cycle. During which step do clouds form?
Air mass develops over hot, dry land. It is warm and dry.
Produces cloudy skies and light rain. (Front)
Tells you which way the wind is blowing
Can produce heavy storms. (Front)
What conditions does the continental polar air mass cause (2 words)
Air masses near ocean water are often very humid. What process determines the amount of humidity in the air?
Amount of water vapor in the air
Air mass develops over warm seas. It is warm and moist.
Air pressure _____ as altitude rises.
Measure of the force of air pressing down on Earth
Liquid water falling from clouds
Frozen water falling from clouds