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revolutionary war crossword

Teacher: John
A land that another country has taken over and made theirs.
Another name for British soldiers.
Someone who is against the British.
An overthrow of government.
The act or process of composing or making something.
A representative group that has lots of power.
A person sent by the king who is told to watch over a certain area.
A man that has power over everyone else in that place.
Someone who helps lead a militia.
One of the largest cities in the colonies.
The place where the first battle of the war took place.
A popular gun used in the revolutionary war.
Someone who supports the British.
A battle between 2 or more places that is caused because of a disagreement.
A blade designed to fit on the end of a rifle.
The number of colonies in the United States.
An explicit announcement either oral or written.
This was another name for the colonists that fought in the colonists militia.
People from Germany helped the British in the war.
The number of years the war took.