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Print Reading Quiz IV

At the bottom of the V.
_____ handed thread (reverse)
The size description of an object on the print can best be described as ____
Crest-to-crest measurement across the axis.
Standard thread form.
An auxiliary view that shows only the inclined surface, not the entire object, is referred to as a ____view.
Root-to-root measurement along the axis.
A large, flat plate with several holes to be punched by a CNC machine would be a good candidate for a style of dimensioning often called arrowless or ____ dimensioning.
If a radius or diameter symbol in a local note is preceded by the letter S, the S stands for ___?
____ thread is on the outside surface of a cylinder
____ thread is on the inside surface of a hole.
The letter M in a thread note designates a ____ thread.
What geometric term applies to the path the ridge of a screw thread follows as it traverses the surface of a cylinder?
The term that describes the shape of the ridge (or grooves) that form the threads.
In drafting education, it is common to identify an auxiliary view projected from a regular view as a ____ view.