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Introduction to Islam

World Religions
Muhammad is described in our text as this among stones,
The Qur'an is described as this from God.
Language of Qur'an
Earthly center of Islam
Beyond human comprehension and understanding
Muhammad was considered to be this quality; thus his creation of the Qur'an is an enigma- inspired by Allah
The Qur'an is four- fifths the size of this Christian Holy Book.
Islam has played a crucial role in shaping this culture and continues to do so,
Muslims believe that the Qur'an is described as this from Allah.
Sacred presence for Christianity
Muhammad was born into the leading tribe of this place.
This art form was the first used by the West by Muslims to celebrate the visual splendor of the Qur'an,
Muslim community
Islam is primarily this form of religion-culture.
Qur'an literally means this!
Muslims celebrate Muhammad as this quality of human beings.
Literal meaning of Qur'an
Primary sacred text