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Criminal Law Crossword Puzzle

By: Yanira Rodriguez
This concept is linked with Cesare Beccaria; who views behavior has free will.
Generally seen by some in society as crimes that do not have a “victim” and include drugs, gambling and vice(prostitution) is..
Part ___ offense is the most serious offenses.
A judgment without any written guidelines is known as..
This stands for the National Crime Victimization Survey.
What concept argues that criminals are made into criminals based on the influence of the societies surrounding them.
This a portable firearm. Whats it called?
Any violation of the law where jail or a fine could be imposed is called an...
All pieces of evidence that lead to closing of a case (case closure) is a ...
These people believe that criminal behavior is NOT free will.
An individual who has a personality disorder that manifest in aggressive antisocial behavior and lacks empathy is a ..
This is a felony or misdemeanor.
Someone that is ____ is out of touch with reality .
A a rule of conduct or a collection of established rules.
Criminal threat to public safety is..
This person is the “Father” of criminology.
To have control of an item or area is called?
This is a mental culpability where a person perceives something bad could happen and does it anyway.
A collection of ____ _____ is incomplete because so much go unreported.
The blaming of supernatural forces for criminal actions is known as
An ___ is to be put in custody and arraignment.
Protects the personal freedom within the process of criminal justice is..
A ___ structure suggest criminal behavior is related to social class.
Part ___ is a less serious offense.
This stands for the National Incident-Based Reporting System .
_____ ____ assumes that all components function to serve their own interest and justice is a product of conflict, not cooperation.
____ is a Theory, there a link between biology and criminal behavior.
_____ choice are choices based on what the individual believes in.
Crime against ____ ____ is the quality of life crimes, neighborhood complaints. Acts that threaten the general well-being of society and challenge accepted moral principles.
Look at physical characteristics to determine if an individual is a criminal or not is a(n)...
Crime against ____ are acts that threaten property held by individual or the state. Example, larceny, burglary, fraud, vandalism.
Crime against ______ are acts against people in which death or physical injury results.Example, homicide, rape, assault, robbery.