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The Renaissance

Painted "Last Supper" and "Mona Lisa"
Italian astronomer; published evidence that Earth circled the sun
Polish astronomer; argued that planets orbit the sun (1543)
Painter of the Sistine Chapel, sculptor of David
Movement in which the Protestants split from the Catholic Church after disagreeing on religious practices and beliefs (2 words)
Italian explorer who landed in the Caribbean in 1492
Person is who financially supportive
Birthplace of the Renaissance
Artistic technique that makes a painting look three-dimensional on a flat surface
Period of renewed interest in art and learning
Wealthy merchant family from Florence who were patrons of the arts
Small ships that could sail quickly, which made them good for exploration
Invention by Johannes Gutenberg (2 words)
First explorer to reach India by ship in 1497
Posted his 95 Theses on the door of the Catholic Church
Study of non-religious subjects such as art and philosophy
The science of making accurate maps and globes
Playwright and poet; wrote "Romeo & Juliet"
First explorer to travel around the tip of Africa in 1488