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Algebra 2 Crossword Puzzle

X-values where a curve touches the x-axis
The button on the calculator used to get to L1 and L2
To reverse distributive or FOIL
To flip a fraction over
The quadratic _____ can be used to solve a quadratic equation
A set of points that pass the vertical line test
Two or more terms added or subtracted
Rapidly increasing function that crosses the y-axis at 1
Button on the calculator used to choose graphing options for data entered in L1 and L2
the square root of -1 is an _______ number
Two terms added or subtracted
An exponential function that decreases over time
To multiply a term by itself
A real number plus an imaginary number is a ______ number
The symbol used for a square root
The numerical value in front of a variable
Positive and negative whole numbers and zero
A series of steps that include interchanging the x and y
Numbers or variables written in fraction form
One term
An algebraic expression that contains an = . Solve for a variable.