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War in Greece

An epidemic
Athenian victory over Darius's invasion in 490 B.C. when the Athenians ran at the Persians
A Greek Military formation
Surrounding and starving out a city rather than attacking it.
Sparta, Corinth, and their allies on the Peloponnesian Peninsula.
Spartan king who led 300 soldiers at the last stand at Thermopylae.
The city-state which eventually defeated Sparta.
Navy battle where Athens used lighter ships to outmaneuver the Persians
Athens and the cities that would become it's empire
The last battle between Xerxes and the Greeks in 479 B.C.
An Aegean Island city-state that stood with Athens against Darius.
Area of Asia Minor inhabited by Greeks but controlled by Persia
Athenian speaker and leader.
A Heavily armed and armored Greek infantryman