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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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7th grade Session 1-jf

Johnny was a show-off - a balding ___ who was later proved to be a liar.
The ___ pull of the city was hard to resist.
My sister - in - law is an ___ know - it - all.
His expression was ___ when he told them they had lost their jobs.
We must act now to ___ a disaster of monumental proportions.
I am so hungry I could ___ my food; there would be none left.
Let me be quite ___ with you: your work is not good enough.
He is ___when he hears the murder accusations made towards his best friend.
The child watched, ___ by the bright moving images.
If the symptoms ___, seek medical advice.
In Manhattan, city streets are always ____ with a lot of people especially in time square.
The storm will gradually ____. overnight and the rain and wind will die down.
Sometimes parents must ___their children when they are rude even though they are loved.
He had been badly ___ by a bear.
It was a rather ___ and dismal place.
make legal.
Her disrespectful actions were meant to ___ the girl she did not like.
The flood last year was a terrible ___ in which many people died.
The ___ of the celebration was a firework display.
The hospital was ___ in the way it looked after this young man, causing his death.