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Greece Review Crossword

The Greek goddess of love
The purpose of literature in Hellenistic culture
The religious concept cherished by the Minoans as a representation of the complexity of life
The term, created by Plato, for the Ideal Society
A group of travelling teachers who believed that there is no absolute right or wrong
The location of the Minoan palace that may have been the inspiration of the concept of the labyrinth
The fictional story and theory shared by Plato, concerning human perception and Social Responsibility
A Hellenistic story, by Apollonius of Rhodes, about a young adventurer named Jason who uses his ship to find and acquire a golden fleece
The first law scribe of Athens who made "Tyrant" a bad thing
The Greek god of marriage who was, coincidentally, the wife of Zeus
The Greek term for an independent city-states that was built like a walled fortress
The city built to be a Cultural Learning Center for Hellenism; named after the founder of Hellenism
Before the Phoenicians, this Greek culture controlled shipping in the Eastern Mediterranean
The classical philosopher who taught that “the unexamined life is not worth living”
Ancient Greek historian who had a tendency to exaggerate and take the Greek side
He believed that the essence of the universe can be found in music and numbers
The Athenian Archon who introduced socialist policies almost two millenia before Socialism was given a name
An example of Classical Greek sculpture created by the artist Myron
The Greek Philosopher who believed that the physical world is only a poor reflection of an "Ideal" truth
The archon of Classical Athens who brought together all the principles of Democracy during their Golden Age
The belief that inner peace can only be found when people live in harmony with the will of the gods
He created a method of teaching based on questioning a student to force them to defend their statements
The forced Diffusion of Greek and Persian Cultures
The Greek term for the marketplace within a city-state where all the classes would mingle
He was the first truly objective historian and he wrote about the Peloponnesian War
The Greek name for the “center of the city” where people would gather to talk, learn and debate
The bard who is credited with writing the Iliad and The Odyssey
The Athenian name for the "king" who was elected once a year
A government which is ruled by a small group or council
A Greek play in which the protagonist, usually a man of importance and outstanding personal qualities, falls to disaster and is condemned to suffer a fate worse than death