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Patriarch who God chose to bless the world through his family.
Promise made between God and man. Exodus 34:27
Book that reveals our fall and Gods plan to get us back.
Book that teaches to love God with all you Heart, soul, and strength.
Sorcerer who was hired to curse Israel. Numbers 22:7
Symbol of Israel's sin being removed from their camp and cast into the wilderness Lev. 16:10
Man whose brothers sold into slavery, but what they meant for evil God used for Good.
The act of God getting the world back to Himself. Isaiah 44:22
Mountain that God revealed His Law to Moses.
Moses brother who became head of the priesthood.
The process of our sin being covered by a sacrifice. Lev. 16:16
Response of the Israelites after they pass through the Red Sea. Exodus 15:1
Messianic figure that God uses to save His people from Egypt.
Book that gives Israel a way to atone for their sins.
Tent where God would be with His people.
God's life giving instruction that saves us from ourselves.
Judgement of Israel's lack of faith. Numbers 21:5-6
Book that takes place in the wilderness.
Book that shows God's redemption and salvation for His people.
Bread type food that God used to give provisions to Israel in the wilderness.