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Lesson 10 Spelling

having a strong and often unpleasant flavor that is the opposite of sweet
the very loud sound that comes from the sky during a storm; the sound that follows a flash of lightning
the quality of something that you can taste
a person who gives an opinion or suggestion to someone about what should be done
a large vehicle that has two large back wheels and two smaller front wheels and that is used to pull farm equipment
a machine used for carrying people and things to different levels in a building
a large brownish cat that was once common in North and South America
a member the Senate
a line separating one country or state from another
a person who is traveling from one place to another in a car, bus, train, ship, airplane, etc., and who is not driving
a shaking movement
very important
of or relating to the moon
a large post that helps to hold up something
liked or enjoyed by many people
a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed because of something wrong or bad
the part of a building that is entirely or partly below the ground
one of four equal parts of something; 1/4
a loud continuous noise (such as the noise made when many people are talking or shouting)
of or relating to the stars
shaped like a circle or part of a circle
a particular system for organizing the days of the year by month
one of the main sections of a book
correct according to social or moral rules
an official who is elected to be the head of the government of a city or town