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Psychology Recap Crossword

The rules of language
Something that provokes a response
The smallest unit of meaning in language
_________ State of Consciousness
________ Nerve: the part of the ear that carries sound to the brain
The college Mr. McCampbell attended
Deals with matters of the mind
The psychology theory that breaks down psychology into pieces to be studied
The psychologist who theorized different stages of development
A hole in the eye that lets light in
A kind of memory loss that is caused by head trauma
Acting according to authority/rules
"Blank slate" theory
The kind of need that involves physical needs for survival; ex. food,water
The removal of a response over time
An educated guess
Fading of memory over time
The theory that psychology is based on conditioning
The study of death/dying
The kind of reflex a baby has to grab whatever is in reach
The ability to function on one's own
Russian scientist who experimented with dogs