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The amount of matter or stuff that makes up and object.
The state of matter in which the molecules slide past each other and move at a medium speed.
The state of matter that has indefinite volume and shape and in which the molecules move very fast with the highest energy.
Information gathered through observation that describes the quality of an object: color, shape, texture - not measured or numerical.
A pure simple chemical that cannot be broken down into any other substances. It only has one kind of atom.
Two or more atoms of an element chemically combined.
The variable you change and test in an experiement
A substance made of two or more different elements chemically combined in a specific ratio or proportion.
The force of attraction that holds two atoms together to make a molecule or compound.
The variable that you measure to determine if the experimental change made a difference.
A state of matter in which both the shape and volume are definite.
A positively charged particle found in the center of an atom.
A particle smaller than an atom.
Anything that has mass and takes up space.
Something that can be observed and studied that is unusual or difficult to understand.
A code that tells scientists the number of atoms of each element that go in a molecule or compound.
Information gathered through measurement or calculation.
A negatively charged particle found on the energy levels around the nucleus.
Something that is made of two or more things that are mixed together physically.
The smallest possible unit of a chemical element.