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Thanksgiving Crossword

Thanksgiving Day crossword puzzle
Another side dish of the thanksgiving meal made of _______ that is _______
The month that this holiday is in
A holiday that you spend family time is on ______________, the final holiday of November
The holiday didn't become a national holiday until _____ years after the creation
_____'s Thanksgiving day parade didn't originate until 300 years until the holiday came to be. What year did it originate in?
There is a Thanksgiving parade at the end of every November. This is called ______'s Thanksgiving day parade
A side dish of the Thanksgiving meal
The day after Thanksgiving where everybody buys a bunch of items. This holiday is called _______ _______
_______ is what you put on the Mashed_______
The other choice people will have is ______ pie
One of three pies people might have on the holiday is _______ pie
The holiday of Thanksgiving is believed to be celebrated in only America
In what year did plymouth "invent" Thanksgiving?
The UK also celebrates Thanksgiving
You eat _______ as the main course on Thanksgiving
Don't forget about _______ Africa!
The colony, ____________, invinted the Holiday in 1621.
Thanksgiving is always on the last __________ of the month
Another one of three pies people might have is __________ pie
The holiday is celebrated in the USA's northern neighbor, too.
The season's theme colour
The food you eat after the main course, as dessert