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Chemistry Review

Type of bond between nonmetals and nonmetals where electrons are shared
A reaction in which energy is released
Elements that conduct electricity and heat well, and have a shiny appearence
Elements and compounds that go into a chemical reaction
Substance being dissolved
Atoms that have different numbers of electrons than their stable form
A mixture that is the same throughout - homogenerous
The process by which atoms produce energy and particles
A periodic table's row
A groups of atoms held together by covalent bonds
Atoms that have different numbers of neutrons than their stable form
Substance that is doing the dissolving
Positively charged particle
A reaction in which energy is absorbed
Elements on the right of the periodic table
Elements that have properties of both metals and nonmetals
Combination of protons and neutrons in the center of an atom
Uncharged particle
Elements and compounds that come out of a chemical reaction
Negatively charged particle
How likely an element is to undergo a chemical change
Solid formed when two liquids have a chemical reaction
Substance that can increase the rate of reaction when added to a chemical reaction, but itself remains unchanged
Type of bond between metals and nonmetals where electrons are transferred
A mixture of two or more metals that form a metallic bond
Two or more elements or compounds are mixed, but no reaction occurs - heterogeneous
A periodic table's column