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2017 English Vocabulary Crossword

Synonym is disrespectful
Synonym is flippant
A person or thing that precipitates an event
Antonym is known
Best or most favorable
Synonym is front
Word families is Joking, Joke
Synonym of Verbose
Antonym is indolence
What the prefix "in" means
Relating to or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure
Synonym is redundant
Root: "per" =
Part of speech of Sequential
Etymology of Minutua
Show feelings of superiority
Part of Speech of Persistence
(of a voice or words) sweet or musical, pleasant to hear
To be worthwhile, as for personal profit or advantage
Antonym is benign
Synonym is compunction
Roots: Prae =
One of the reasons we study vocabulary is so that students can discover the ____ of meaning.