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iMovie Vocabulary

Use your cybersecurity definition list to complete the puzzle.
width and height of the screen
Making a certain color transparent
Quicktime Movie File format
computer drawn graphics used in video
process of rearranging, adding and/or removing audio and/or video clips in a pre-determined sequence
An instant transition between clips, the most basic edit
Effect that removes the color green from a selection
brief explanation in text of what the video is saying
Filmmaker who created the zoom and pan animation technique used in iMovie
Skip ahead or rewind an audio file by dragging the cursor over the file
Graphic that allows a director to plan the sequence and staging of scenes in a video
Process of combining all tracks and timelines into a single video file
Windows Media Video file format for video in the Microsoft Windows OS
the part of the GUI where you set the order of scenes in a video
The order of scenes in a video
actual number of horizontal and vertical pixels your video contains.
Trimming away wanted parts of a photo or video clip
a particular frame of video is held, for example at the end of a sitcom, where the action is ‘frozen’
Lowering the volume of a sound track in order to raise another
Text that is added to a photo or video clip on iMovie
An unseen narrator explaining what is seen on the screen
Effect that joins to clips together
Frames per Second
Timeline used for a specific purpose such as audio
A short video selection
In editing, to remove unwanted frames from a video clip
A single setting or section in a video
A still images that makes up a video clip