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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Science Word Search

have a limited amount, and natural processes cannot replace them in a human lifetime.
Able to be replaced or regenerated in a short period of time
The whole mass of air surrounding the Earth made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and other trace gases.
Is 2 or more different atoms bonded together
Is anything that takes up space
Negatively charged particles
The small particles within the atom
Do not have an electrical charge
A substance made of one kind of atom
Positively charges particles
all the members of the one species living in a particular area at a particular time
The area surrounding the nucleus
When 2 or more atoms bind together
Is the smallest particle of an element
Is the average mass of all of the protons, and neutrons
all of the interacting biotic and abiotic factors in an area and the interactions among them
The sum of all living matter on Earth
The center of the atom
nonliving things in an ecosystem
All living or once living things in an ecosystem