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Christmas Puzzle

IPN Christmas Prize Crossword
St Nicholas was born here (6)
What we make! (8)
Co-worker of Rudolph (7)
Christmas _. The night before Christmas (3)
Ingredient of Advocaat (3)
Mother Teresa, for example (3)
Play put on at Christmas (8)
Candles are made of this (3)
Frozen water (3)
Amber Rudd, for example (1,1)
Allah, Yahweh or Krishna? (3)
Negative (2)
Followed by some to Bethlehem (4)
____ Scrooge, Dickens character (8)
Christmas adornment spread by bird droppings (8)
'Little Donkey' for example (5)
86.3°N 160.0°W (5,4)
Not divisible by two (3)
Joke (3)
Christmas decoration first made in Nuremburg, Germany in 1610 (6)
Companion of 8 across (6)
International organization of countries (1,1)
Gaspar, Balthasar and Melchior (by tradition) (5,4,3)
You do this to a bell (4)
Archaic name for 'Christmas' (8)
Give yourself one of these on your back! (3)
Mottoes in crackers are rarely this! (5)
Something you do to a present (4)
Hear these? Santa's on his way! (6,5)
Ivy, for example (4)
Religious image (4)
Musically - a drink with jam and bread? (2)
Bird found in a pear tree (9)
Done to roads on icy mornings (4)
Colloquial name for Australia (2)
The donkey from A Midsummer Night's Dream (6)
The brightest star in the sky (6)
The Three Kings wore these (6)
'Santa Stop _!' Sign (4)
Don't do too much of this! (3)
Beer (3)
A digitally encoded recording on an optical disk (1,1)