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Beehooligans Crosswords: The Honey Puzzle

Bee Smart beekeeping project
Honey that has been finely granulated so as to be spreadable with a spoon or butter-knife.
The most common honey in the U.S. derived from a long lived and common "hay" crop.
A primary enzyme made by bees and added to nectar.
Liquid honey sold in jars or bottles.
Honey from the plant commonly associated with growing in mountainous areas after clearing of forests by fire or logging.
"The Honey _____" a book for the appreciation of honey.
Honey commonly highest regarded as coming from the low-bush variety of this crop in Maine.
It takes ____ bees their whole life to make one teaspoon of honey.
Kim ____, Co-author of "The Honey Connoisseur"
Bees chemically change and dehydrate nectar to make this sweet treat.
Honey that has pieces of comb honey inside a jar of liquid honey.
A common honey though not as common as it used to. Coming from a widely grown "hay" crop.
A sweet and "buttery" honey often collected in the en of Summer and beginning of Autumn.
This is what a mixed blend of nectars that were collected by bees and there isn't necessarily a dominant source from a wide variety of blooming flowers at the same time.
Honey that is distributed still inside a large square of whole wax comb.
C. Marina ___, Co-author of "The Honey Connoisseur"
Honey is truly ___ when it has reached about 18% moisture.
A long common honey that is well known for it's dark color and earthy aroma.
Also known as "Linden" honey. A common nectar producing tree planted in urban and suburban neighborhoods and a favorite for urban beekeepers.
A light, mild honey typically found on the American coastal South-East in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.