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Horse Science (colors and markings)

Large splotches of white and color, this particular color is also a breed
Also a breed, spots either on all of body or just on hindquarters.
White up the leg to the knee or hock
Narrow wide section running down the face
White only on the pastern
Wide white marking going down the face but not past the eyes on either side
Yellowish brown with "dun factor" markings which may be a dorsal strip, "zebra strips" on the legs
Red hair with a mane that is the same color or flaxen
This horse has a brown coat color with a black mane and tail and black points, The brown can be reddish or dark brown.
Small white spot on forehead
Yellow hair coat with light mane and tail
White half way up cannon bone
Black with NO brown hairs, will not bleach lighter from the sun
A color coat with grey hairs mixed throughout
Brown hair coat with lighter brown muzzle and flank