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VLS 2017 English Culture 02

– n. – Something that makes you weak and unable to fight. Taken from the story of Superman.
– n. – A large ball used on a giant tractor to smash buildings into pieces and destroy them.
– n. / slang – Paper money or just money.
– n. – A device that can play music, usually from stations that play the music for free.
– v. – to fix something, usually cloth or something ripped.
– v. phrase – stop talking. Note: usually an unkind and angry thing to say.
- idiom – Start dancing.
– v. – to speak very quietly so only one or a few people can hear you.
– adj. – Damaged or torn cloth, such as clothing or other fabric.
– idiom – not able to handle the situation you are in.
– idiom – Take control of your life and make more of your own decisions.
– n. – The act of something being destroyed by breaking into pieces by pushing out quickly and violently.
– n. – Something that you are meant to do in life. Predetermined. Irresistible.
– n. – The action of moving something.
– v. – To make a promise.
– v. – Not doing your best at something.
– n. – An exciting thing that makes us happy.
– n. – The ability to remember past experiences.
– adj. – Not expensive. Usually not good quality.
– v. – To have the courage to do something. To push someone to do something.