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John 3 Crossword

Brother born after Joseph
First book after the four Gospels?
_____ Him and know Him; be found in Him
John 3:1 ruler of the Jews
John 3:5 second requirement for regeneration
Who escaped from the lions' den?
How to become the increase of Christ?
Ruth's mother in law
The kingdom of God is a divine...
When we were born of our parents, we were the increase of...
He denied the Lord three times
I've got a _____ of life flowing within me
Jacob's twin
Vessel Noah used to escape the flood
_____ loaves two fish
He who has the bride is?
Last word in the Bible
Abraham's other half
John 3:14 what Moses lifted
John 3:30 word for lessen
Day on which God created plant life
According to John 3:16, who did God so love?
Name of the good land
Common Bible fruit
To take the Lord's blood is to...
What a kingdom is always related to?
John 3:5 first requirement of regeneration
Mother of Jesus
Apostle who wrote the most New Testament books
He betrayed the Lord Jesus