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The Constitution

Rules for Recess
A group of advisors to the president, including the heads of important departments in the executive branch.
Wrote most of the final draft of the Constitution.
The act of accusing a government official of serious crimes, as defined by the Constitution.
The system set up in our government limiting the powers of each branch.
Wisely stepped in when tempers flared.
The meeting that was called to improve the Articles of Confederation.
The most basic law of the United States of America.
The branch of government that interprets laws and settles disagreements about them.
In conflict with the Constitution.
The division of powers in our government.
The fight against the first American government.
President of the Continental Convention. He kept debates respectful
Brought his plan for a powerful national government and argued strongly for it.
The first document setting up our national government after the war against the British.
The branch of government that carries out laws.
The branch of government that makes laws.
A formal agreement between tow or more nations.
To reject a bill and prevent it from becoming a law. Only the president has the power to veto bills.