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The Old Testament

Lead God's people out of exile.
Predicts the birth of ruler from of old, in Bethlehem.
The creator.
Offered a comfortable life but stayed in Judah to warn people of God's judgement.
The Israelites were sent away for ____ years.
The first five books in the bible.
One of the earliest examples known as 'apocalyptic' writing.
God's Holy city.
A reminder of God's the covenant to the people before entering the promise land.
The animal in which tempted Adam and Eve to sin.
The only man spared when God wipes out an entire race.
Israels first king.
God spared his son when he followed the test of true faith.
A book of wisdom to school the young on the right way to live.
One book, three parts. All containing long-term prophecies about the Messiah.
The book of wisdom and how we are to understand suffering.
Foils a plot to eliminate the Jewish nation.
Wrote during the time of Kings but less about what happened and more about the meaning of what happened.
Rejected God's mission and undergoes a dramatic journey.
God sent this bird to feed Elijah.
Moses' right hand man.
A common theme in the Old Testament.
Action packed booked filled with treachery and violence.
Abraham's first born son.
The book of exile.
The book of God's law. Essentially for priests.
A governor who made Jerusalem a city again.
A faithful woman to God who trusted that he would give her children.
Timeless hymns of ancient Israel. Expressing a whole range of human feelings from depression to overwhelming joy.
Song of Solomon is a poem about how one should relish in his wife's goodness, a poem about ____.
A man after God's own heart.
Faithful to her mother-in-law she gave everything up for family.