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Chapter 4 Science

Passing traits from parents to their offspring.
A pattern of behavior that does not require thinking.
A special trait that helps an organism survive. Ex. a long neck to reach leaves.
Reproduction where a whole animal develops from just part of the original animal.
Behavior that is not born with you; walking, talking, speaking
The system that moves blood through the body.
The process of change in form during an animal's development.
Organ system that breaks down food for fuel.
System made up of muscles that allow you to move by moving bones.
System that removes liquid waste.
Reproduction where a bud forms on the adults body, slowly develops into a new animal.
The making of an offspring.
The system made of bones that helps you stand tall.
System that controls all other body systems.
An adaptation that allows and animal to hide or blend in.
The system that brings oxygen to body cells and removes waste gas.
When one organism imitates the traits of another.