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Weathering & Mass Wasting Crossword

Downslope creep of soil
Ions of water replace ions of silicate in the rock and the dissolved minerals are transported away with the water
Section or slab of land that breaks away and slips a short distance downslope
A mass of snow and ice that breaks away and slides down a mountain slope
An invisible form of mass wasting where dissolved soil materials are transported by which appears crystal clear
Rain, wind, heat, and cold are called
Water entering joints and cracks in rocks may freeze and expansion of the cracks occurs over time
The roots of trees and smaller plants anchor the soil and help hold on it in place even on steep slopes
Is a form of mass wasting where soil absorbs so much water that it literally flows downhill, as liquid would
A form of physical weathering in which thin layers of rock peel off the outer surface of the rock face
During the day the hot sun heats the rocks and expansion takes place
A rapid movement of soil down slope
Rocks such as limestone can be completely dissolved by acid rain in the chemical weathering process called
Removes all the trees from the logged area and leaves behind a mountain slope with little vegetation to prevent mass wasting
The break up of rock
Occur on very steep rocky slopes that are too steep for the formation of soil to take place
A process where Oxygen dissolves in water and changes iron into iron oxide