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Music Vocabulary Words (2nd)

Is the speed of the beat in music (page 43)
Is how thin or thick the music sounds (page 70)
gives extra importance to a note in a rhythm pattern (page 78)
is a short repeated pattern (page 35)
Is a musical symbol that joins two notes together to create a longer sound (page 124)
is a style of choral singing. First one person sings the call. The rest of the chorus sings a response, or an answer (page 19)
Instruments are played by shaking, scraping, or striking (page 102)
Is the special sound each instrument makes (page 64)
is a row of pitches that move up or down or repeat (page 24)
is a musical sentence (page 126)
is another word for a musical note (page 21)
occurs when the music gets gradually louder (page 116)
Is a vertical line drawn through a staff to separate measures (page 83)
is a grouping of beats separated by bar lines (page 83)
is a pattern of long and short sounds and silences (page 10)
is the special skill used to play an instrument (page 65)
is the regular pulse found in most music (page 8)
is the order of same and different ideas in music (page 52)