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Teacher: mister
Sub-field of anthropology that studies living cultures
Branch of physical anthropology that studies human ancestors based on our evolutionary past.
What people do, make and believe.
Extinct descendant of homo erectus that bred with modern humnas
The repeatability of a study: the extent to which other researchers can produce exactly the same results when they repeat it.
anthropologist interacts with the people being studied to get an insiders view of how the culture works.
Cultural anthropologist who developed the method of participant-observation
Subjects must understand the research and agree to participate.
study of the human species and of the various cultures that make up humanity
Place of origin of modern humans
Means analyzing own beliefs to understand how they affect the interpretation of what you observe.
Sub-field of anthropology that studies how the human body evolves and adapts to different environments
Step in the scientific method where we try to predict an answer to our research question.
School of thought which states that we shouldn't make snap judgements about other cultures
School of thought which states that its Impossible to have “true” knowledge about the world—truth is constructed based on our biases.
Bias where we tend to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms what we already believe.
Physical anthropologist who studies chimps to learn how our ancient ancestors might have lived.
Striding biped found all over Africa three million years ago.
Bias where we tend to attribute our “bad” behaviors to situation and others to their personality
Anthropologist who found that in Samoa, teens are not as troubled during puberty as North American teens, due to their culture.