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science 10-9weather terms

The temp to which air must be cooled for saturation to occur. The grass will appear wet in the morning
A severe weather condition characterized by low temperatures and strong winds (5 km or 3m/hr) bring in a great amount of snow
The cumulative force exerted on any surface by the molecules composing air
Light showers of snow
When a star appears to be twinkling in the atmoshere
An intense roating column of air that forms a funnel and touches the ground
The wind direction most frequently observed during a given period.
Air that has some restricted visibility due to pollution
An instrument that measures atmospheric pressure
An instrument used to measure the temp
The winds the occupy most of topics
A phenomenon that makes an object appear to displaced from its true position
A visible electrical discharge produced by thunderstorms
A coastal breeze that blows from land to sea , usually at night
Transparent or partially opaque particles of ice that of a pea to that or of golf balls
The accumulation of daily and seasonal weather events , over a long period of time
A covering of ice produced by deposition on exposed surfaces when the air temperate falls below the frost point.
An instrument used to measure the water vapor content of the air
The sound due to rapidly expanding gases along the channel of a lighting discharge
The leading edge of a cold air mass
The transition zone between two district air masses.
Very thin fog in which visibility is greater than 1.0 km
White granular deposit of ice formed by water drops freezing on contract
A device that measures rain fall
A hurricane that forms it in the western pacific ocean