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When a character directly addresses the audience, which is not heard by the other characters.
The author of a play.
An extended speech by one character, alone on stage. Meant to express inner thoughts of one character.
What the characters say.
Usually written in italics and enclosed in parentheses or brackets. Describe setting, character's emotion, mood, or sets.
An extended speech by ONE character. It is meant for other characters to hear.
Who would play the role of women in plays?
What was Shakespeare's wife's name?
What was the name of Shakespeare's only son?
What was the main illness around during this time?
What was the famous theater called, in which Shakespeare co-owned?
A large bowl used as a toiled.
Written form of a play.
Who is credited for writing 38 plays and 154 sonnets?
Scenery, backdrop, and furniture that create the setting.
Dramatic works which use humor to explore various themes and characters. Usually end in a marriage.
Treat serious subjects and often focus the tragic hero's character. Usually end with death.