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FRRS THE BIG ONE Ch 3 Communications

Teacher: Obi-Wan
Alarm ________ predetermined number and type of fire units assigned to respond to an emergency.
Fixed, non-mobile radio at a central location (2 wds)
Personnel_______ Report - systematic method of confirming the status of units, companies, groups, or divisions etc. operating at an incident
Enhance 911 feature that displays the. address of the party calling 911 on a screen for use by the public safety telecommunicator. (ACR)
______Transmission systems have supplemented, and in some cases, replaced analog transmission systems.
Place the microphone against your throat if you cannot be understood through your SCBA facepiece. DO NOT _______YOUR FACEPIECE TO TALK INTO THE MIC.
Any location or facility at which 911 calls are answered either by direct calling, rerouting or diversion. (acr)
System for determining a position on the earths surface by calculating a difference in time for the signal from a number of satellites to reach a receiver on the ground.(acr)
________ Safe Equipment is designed and approved for use in flammable atmospheres that is incapable of releasing sufficient electrical energy to cause the ignition of a flammable atmospheric mixture.
Regulates all radio communication in United States.(acr)
Plain language, including certain standard words and phrases, in radio communications transmissions.
One of the main sources of information (data, statistics) about fires in United States..(acr) Begun by FEMA.