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Algebra 2: Unit II

A number in the form a plus bi where a and b are real numbers and i is equal to the square root negative one
A number of the form bi where b is a real number an i is equal to the square root negative one
The fixed line which along with a fixed point called a focus define a parabola
Adding a consistent to a quadratic expression to transform it into perfect square trinomial
For a function f of x any value x such that f of x equals zero
The expression b squared minus 4ac that describes the nature of solutions of a quadratic equation
An equation of the form ax plus bx plus c is equal to zero where a is not equal to zero
A quadratic equation written in the form ax squared plus bx plus c is equal to zero and a is not equal to zero
The set of points in a plane that are equidistant form a fixed point and a fixed line
A method used to determine a quadratic function that best fits a set of data
Complex numbers whose product is a real number a plus bi and a minus bi are complex conjugates
A quadratic function written in the form f of x is equal to a times x minus h squared plus k where the vertex of the function is ordered pair h and k.
The point that represents the maximum or minimum value of a function
A solution of an equation
The line that divides a parabola into two congruent halves which pass through the focus
A fixed point along with a fixed line called a directrix that is used to define a parabola