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Science review

A variable that Does not change
Solid part of the earth made up of the crust and upper mantle
The variable that gets measured
The largest layer of the earth
A Mineral made up of magnesium, silicone and oxygen
An imaginary line on our earth that runs vertically
An imaginary line on our earth that runs horizontally
A sphere that constrains all living organisms
An educated guess
Able to be changed
A coordinate system
A German scientist who purposed the theory of continental drift
A layer rich in iron and nickel that is composed of two layers
A Sphere that contains all water
Means "all life" in greek
The theory that the earths lithosphere is divided into plates that move around on the the earths asthenosphere
A Type of igneous rock
TThe second to last layer of the earth
Someone who uses the scientific method or someone who study’s something/topic
Thinnest layer usally compared to the skin the skin of a apple