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2nd Grade Christmas Concert, 2017

And ________ ev'ry load
Let men their songs ________
And death's dark ________ put to flight
Thou comest in the ________ night
Of Jesse's ________ coming
O Come, O Come, ________
Joyful and ________
The glories of His ________
O come, Thou ________, come and cheer
From ________ stem hath sprung
________ by thine eternal plan
Free Thine own from Satan's ________
For this we tune our cheerful ________
As angel ________ said
Lo, How a Rose E'er ________
________ the gloomy clouds of night
Now in ________ appearing
Joy to the ________
Let earth ________ her King
Thou who art love beyond all ________
Who dost our ________ know
Sing in ________
Dispels with ________ splendor
And shout our thanks in ________ praise.
It came, a ________ bright
This Flow'r, whose ________ tender
Thou Who Wast Rich beyond All ________
The Savior ________
O Savior, child of ________
That mourns in lonely ________ here
A little child, though art our ________
O Come, All Ye ________
All ________ to Thee, Eternal Lord
Born this ________ morning
In ________ times didst give the law